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Ultimi sottotitoli rilasciati

Battleship Island, TheGoonhamdo

Subber: Diddychan
Anno: 2017
Regia: Ryoo Seung-wan
Nazione: Corea del Sud
Genere: Storico - Drammatico - Guerra
Satans SlavePengabdi setan

Subber: krystof
Anno: 1982
Regia: Sisworo Gautama Putra
Nazione: Indonesia
Genere: - Horror -
Soccer KillerXian qiu dazhan

Subber: virtiz
Anno: 2017
Regia: Jeffrey Lau
Nazione: Cina
Genere: - Commedia -
MinboMinbo no onna

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 1992
Regia: Itami Juzo
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Commedia -
Man Who Stole the Sun, TheTaiyo wo nusunda otoko

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 1979
Regia: Hasegawa Kazuhiko
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Azione - Poliziesco - Thriller
Mon Mon Mon MonstersMon Mon Mon Monsters

Subber: jam
Anno: 2017
Regia: Giddens Ko
Nazione: Taiwan
Genere: Drammatico - - Horror
Journey to the West: The Demons Strike BackXi You Fu Yao Pian

Subber: virtiz
Anno: 2017
Regia: Tsui Hark
Nazione: Cina
Genere: Fantasy - Commedia - Avventura
Flying ColorsBirigyaru

Subber: sadie985
Anno: 2015
Regia: Doi Nobuhiro
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Commedia - - Drammatico
Tokyo FamilyTokyo kazoku

Subber: J-okel
Anno: 2013
Regia: Yamada Yoji
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Danguard Ace - The Movie

Subber: Rosario
Anno: 1977
Regia: Akehi Masayuki, Ishii Teruo
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Animazione - - Corto
Japanese Tragedy, ANihon no higeki

Subber: Grace de Kerouc
Anno: 1953
Regia: Kinoshita Keisuke
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Spirits HomecomingGwihyang

Subber: Diddychan
Anno: 2016
Regia: Cho Jung-rae
Nazione: Corea del Sud
Genere: - Drammatico -
Kid with the Golden Arm, TheJin bei tong

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 1979
Regia: Chang Cheh
Nazione: Hong Kong
Genere: - Arti Marziali -

Subber: virtiz
Anno: 2015
Regia: Kobayashi Shotaro
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Commedia - - Drammatico
RV: Resurrected VictimsHeesaengboohwalja

Subber: Diddychan
Anno: 2017
Regia: Kwak Kyung-taek
Nazione: Corea del Sud
Genere: Drammatico - Thriller - Fantasy
Yellow Handkerchief, TheShiawase no kiiroi hankachi

Subber: Grace de Kerouc
Anno: 1977
Regia: Yamada Yoji
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Warriors Two Zan xian sheng yu zhao qian Hua

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 1978
Regia: Sammo Hung
Nazione: Hong Kong
Genere: Arti Marziali - - Commedia
CreepyKuripi: Itsuwari no rinjin

Subber: virtiz
Anno: 2016
Regia: Kurosawa Kiyoshi
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Thriller -
Truth Beneath, The Bimileun eobda

Subber: Diddychan
Anno: 2016
Regia: Lee Kyoung-mi
Nazione: Corea del Sud
Genere: - Thriller -
Older Brother, Younger SisterAni imouto

Subber: Meiko Kaji
Anno: 1953
Regia: Naruse Mikio
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -

Violated Angels


Lavori in corso

Bakuman 85%
Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno 75%
Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends 75%
Tange Sazen and the Pot Worth a Million Ryo 50%
The Travels of Kinuyo Tanaka 50%
Black Board 50%
Epitome 50%
Priest of Darkness 50%
If A Cat Disappears From The World 50%
Heart 50%
Ditch 50%
Goodbye CP 45%
Pervert Ward 30%
The Long Excuse 10%
Evil Spirits of Japan 10%
Chasuke's Journey 5%
Hand of Death 5%
Radiance 5%
Woman in Witness Protection 1%
Wife Heart 1%
Dawn Of A Filmmaker: The Keisuke Kinoshita Story 1%
Tiger on the Beat 1%
Shinjuku Swan II 1%
Initiation Love 1%
To Each His Own 1%

Lista completa

Invisible Waves


Emperor Tomato Ketchup (1970 version)


Stranger of Mine, A


Cemetery of Splendour


I voti di Ilikeasia

2009: Lost Memories7.0
Address Unknown7.0
After Life6.5
All About Ah-Long6.0
Crucified Lovers, The9.5
As Tears Go By7.0
Ashes of Time8.5
Bad Guy7.0
Battles Without Honor and Humanity6.5
Be with You7.0
Birdcage Inn6.0
Bittersweet Life, A7.0
Blade, The7.0
Bow, The6.0
Breaking News7.5
Bride With White Hair, The7.5
Bright Future7.0
Bullets Over Summer7.5
Christmas in August6.5
Coast Guard, The7.0
Courthouse on the Horseback8.5
Days of Being Wild7.5
Dragon Gate Inn7.5
Everlasting Regret8.5
Funeral Parade of Roses8.0
Geisha, A8.0
Graveyard of Honor (1975)7.5
Green Snake7.0
Happy Together8.0
Hero (Hong Kong/China, 2002)5.0
Hero Never Dies, A8.0
Heroic Trio, The7.0
Hole, The (Taiwan, 1998)6.5
Hong Kong Express8.0
Host, The4.0
Infernal Affairs8.0
Infernal Affairs II7.0
Infernal Affairs III7.0
Sansho the Bailiff10.0
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan5.0
Isle, The8.0
JSA - Joint Security Area9.5
Juliet In Love9.0
Last Life In The Universe7.0
Legend of the Mountain6.5
Legend of the Taira Clan6.5
Love Letter6.5
Lovers, The7.5
Made in Hong Kong8.0
Memories of Murder5.5
Mission, The8.0
Moon Warriors, The8.0
Music Room, The8.0
My Sassy Girl1.5
New Dragon Gate Inn8.0
Nobody Knows7.0
Old Boy8.5
Once Upon A Time In China8.0
Once Upon A Time In China II7.5
One Fine Spring Day7.5
One Nite in Mongkok7.0
Peking Opera Blues8.5
Peppermint Candy6.5
Postman Blues8.0
PTU - Police Tactical Unit7.0
Tales of Ugetsu8.0
Raining in the Mountain7.0
Duel to the Death6.0
Rebels of the Neon God7.5
Resurrection of Little Match Girl7.0
Road Movie3.0
Running On Karma7.0
Samaritan Girl7.0
Tea and Rice8.0
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring10.0
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance7.5
Iron Monkey7.0
Tetsuo, the Iron Man6.0
Throw Down9.0
Tony Takitani7.5
Touch of Zen, A8.0
Tropical Malady5.0
Turning Gate (On the .. )6.0
Twilight Samurai8.0
Unknown Pleasures5.0
Life of Oharu, The8.0
Vive l'Amour5.0
Woman in the Dunes6.0
Yesterday Once More7.0
Song of the Road9.0
Branded To Kill7.5
Longest Summer, The8.0
Princess Yang Kwei Fei6.5
Suzhou River8.0
Little Cheung7.5
Hidden Blade, The7.5
April Snow5.0
Pale Flower6.0
Kill Zone (Sha Po Lang)7.0
Police Story7.5
Legend of Zu, The5.0
Chinese Odyssey Part One, A - Pandora's Box6.5
Chinese Odyssey Part Two, A - Cinderella6.0
Election 2: Harmony Is A Virtue7.0
Scene at the Sea, A9.0
Ballad of Narayama (1958)8.0
Unvanquished, The10.0
Sword, The8.0
Center Stage9.0
Barren Illusions6.5
Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior2.0
Raise the Red Lantern7.0
Snake of June, A4.0
Caf Lumire7.5
Ceremony, The7.5
Fist of Legend6.0
Be with Me7.0
Loyal 47 Ronin, The9.0
Pastoral - To Die in the Country8.5

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