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Kidnapping BluesKidonappu burusu

Subber: fabiojappo
Anno: 1982
Regia: Asai Shinpei
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Woman Who Wanted to Die, TheSegura magura: shinitai onna

Subber: MarcoMx
Anno: 1971
Regia: Wakamatsu Koji
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Drammatico - - Erotico
Don QuixoteTang Ji Ke De

Subber: J-ok'el
Anno: 2010
Regia: Kiefer Liu
Nazione: Cina
Genere: - Commedia -
Lonely FifteenLeung mooi zai

Subber: MarcoMx
Anno: 1982
Regia: David Lai
Nazione: Hong Kong
Genere: - Drammatico -
12 Suicidal TeensJyuni Nin no Shinitai Kodomotachi

Subber: virtiz
Anno: 2019
Regia: Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Thriller - Drammatico -
School in the CrosshairsNerawareta gakuen

Subber: MarcoMx
Anno: 1981
Regia: Obayashi Nobuhiko
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Sci-Fi - - Fantasy
Take Me Away!Furimukeba ai

Subber: MarcoMx
Anno: 1978
Regia: Obayashi Nobuhiko
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Drammatico - - Romantico
Visitor in the Eye, TheHitomi no naka no houmonsha

Subber: MarcoMx
Anno: 1977
Regia: Obayashi Nobuhiko
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Drammatico - Sci-Fi - Romantico

Subber: MarcoMx
Anno: 1966
Regia: Obayashi Nobuhiko
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Fantasy - - Corto
Chronicle of the After-School WarsHokago senki

Subber: J-okel
Anno: 2018
Regia: Tsuchida Junpei
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Horror - - Drammatico
Woman Who Ran, TheDomangchin yeoja

Subber: JulesJT
Anno: 2020
Regia: Hong Sang-soo
Nazione: Corea del Sud
Genere: - Drammatico -
Our Time Will ComeMing yue ji shi you

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 2017
Regia: Ann Hui
Nazione: Cina
Genere: Drammatico - - Guerra
Green, Green Grass of Home, TheZai na he pan qing cao qing

Subber: fabiojappo
Anno: 1982
Regia: Hou Hsiao-hsien
Nazione: Taiwan
Genere: - Drammatico -
Send Me to the CloudsSong wo shang qing yun

Subber: J-ok'el
Anno: 2019
Regia: Teng Congcong
Nazione: Cina
Genere: - Drammatico -
So Long, My SonDi jiu tian chang

Subber: SulFiloDeiRicordi
Anno: 2019
Regia: Wang Xiaoshuai
Nazione: Cina
Genere: - Drammatico -
New King of Comedy, TheNew King of Comedy, The

Subber: virtiz
Anno: 2019
Regia: Stephen Chow
Nazione: Cina
Genere: - Commedia -
Memories of TomorrowAshita no kioku

Subber: J-ok'el
Anno: 2006
Regia: Tsutsumi Yukihiko
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Fable, TheZa Faburu

Subber: neodago
Anno: 2019
Regia: Eguchi Kan
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Azione - Commedia - Thriller
Battle of Jangsari, TheJangsa-ri 9.15

Subber: Diddychan
Anno: 2019
Regia: Kwak Kyung-taek
Nazione: Corea del Sud
Genere: Azione - Guerra - Drammatico
She, a ChineseShe, a Chinese

Subber: MarcoMx
Anno: 2009
Regia: Xiaolu Guo
Nazione: Cina
Genere: - Drammatico -

Yi Yi: A One and a Two


Lavori in corso

One Million Yen Girl aka One Million Yen and the Bitter-Bug-Woman 90%
Petal Dance 90%
The Deserted City 50%
Miss Lonely 50%
His Motorbike, Her Island 50%
The Rocking Horsemen 50%
Goodbye for Tomorrow 50%
Casting Blossoms to the Sky 50%
Bound for the Fields, the Mountains, and the Seacoast 50%
Four Sisters 50%
Seven Weeks 50%
Hanagatami 50%
Haruka, Nosutarujii 50%
Chizuko Younger Sister 50%
Beijing Watermelon 50%
Lovely Devils 50%
The Discarnates 50%
Switching - Goodbye Me 50%
The Motive 50%
The Day After 40%
Three Women of the North 20%
Vision 20%
By the time it gets dark 10%
Last Sunrise 10%
Evil Spirits of Japan 10%

Lista completa

My Young Auntie




Coffin, The




I voti di franzozu

Address Unknown7.0
All About Ah-Long6.0
All About Lily Chou-Chou9.0
After Life6.5
As Tears Go By7.0
Ashes of Time9.5
Bad Guy7.0
Ballad of Narayama (1958)8.0
Barren Illusions6.5
Be with Me7.0
Be with You (Japan, 2004)7.0
Bittersweet Life, A7.0
Blade, The6.5
Blessing Bell5.5
Bow, The6.5
Branded To Kill7.0
Breaking News7.5
Bride With White Hair, The7.0
Bright Future7.5
Bullets Over Summer7.0
Caf Lumire7.0
Center Stage9.0
Ceremony, The7.0
Chinese Odyssey Part One, A - Pandora's Box6.0
Chinese Odyssey Part Two, A - Cinderella6.0
Christmas in August7.0
Coast Guard, The7.0
Courthouse on the Horseback9.0
Crucified Lovers, The10.0
Days of Being Wild8.0
Dragon Gate Inn7.5
Election 2: Harmony Is A Virtue7.5
Everlasting Regret8.5
Flowers of Shanghai7.0
Geisha, A8.0
Graveyard of Honor (1975)7.0
Harmful Insect8.0
Happy Together8.5
Hero (Hong Kong/China, 2002)5.5
Heavenly Forest2.0
Hero Never Dies, A8.0
Heroic Trio, The7.0
Hidden Blade, The7.5
Hong Kong Express7.5
Host, The4.0
Humanity and Paper Balloons7.5
Infernal Affairs8.5
Infernal Affairs II7.0
Infernal Affairs III7.0
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan5.0
Isle, The7.5
JSA - Joint Security Area10.0
Juliet In Love9.0
Last Life In The Universe7.0
Legend of the Mountain6.0
Legend of the Taira Clan6.0
Legend of Zu, The4.0
Life of Oharu, The7.5
Little Cheung7.0
Longest Summer, The8.0
Love Letter7.0
Lovers, The7.0
Loyal 47 Ronin, The10.0
Made in Hong Kong8.0
Metade Fumaca7.0
Memories of Murder6.0
Mission, The8.0
Moon Warriors, The7.0
Music Room, The7.0
My Sassy Girl2.0
New Dragon Gate Inn8.0
Nobody Knows7.5
Old Boy9.0
Once Upon A Time In China8.0
Once Upon A Time In China II7.5
Pale Flower6.0
Pastoral - To Die in the Country9.0
Peking Opera Blues8.5
Peppermint Candy7.0
Police Story7.5
Postman Blues8.0
PTU - Police Tactical Unit7.0
Raining in the Mountain7.0
Raise the Red Lantern6.5
Road Movie4.0
Samaritan Girl7.5
Scene at the Sea, A9.0
Kill Zone (Sha Po Lang)7.0
Song of the Road9.0
Suzhou River7.0
Sword, The8.0
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance7.5
Tea and Rice8.0
Throw Down10.0
Tony Takitani8.0
Touch of Zen, A8.0
Turning Gate (On the .. )6.0
Twilight Samurai7.5
Unknown Pleasures5.0
Unvanquished, The10.0
Vive l'Amour5.0
Way Home, The6.0
Woman in the Dunes6.5
Yesterday Once More7.0
Sansho the Bailiff10.0
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring10.0
Time to Live and the Time to Die, The8.0
Red Sorghum5.0
Twenty-Four Eyes10.0
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs9.5

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