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Great Magician, The


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Mad WorldYat nim mou ming

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 2017
Regia: Wong Chun
Nazione: Hong Kong
Genere: - Drammatico -
Thousand Faces of Dunjia, TheQimen Dunjia

Subber: virtiz
Anno: 2017
Regia: Yuen Woo-ping
Nazione: Cina
Genere: Commedia - Avventura - Fantasy
Kasane: Beauty and FateKasane

Subber: neodago
Anno: 2018
Regia: Sato Yuichi
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Drammatico - - Fantasy
Owl and the SparrowCu va chim se se

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 2007
Regia: Stephane Gauger
Nazione: Vietnam
Genere: - Drammatico -
Lost Chapter of Snow: PassionYuki no dansho jonetsu

Subber: fabiojappo
Anno: 1985
Regia: Somai Shinji
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Dear EtrangerOsanago warera ni umare

Subber: neodago
Anno: 2017
Regia: Mishima Yukiko
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Golden SitaKanchana Sita

Subber: fabiojappo
Anno: 1977
Regia: Govindan Aravindan
Nazione: India
Genere: - Drammatico -
Good Morning ShowGuddo Moningu Sho

Subber: neodago
Anno: 2016
Regia: Kimizuka Ryoichi
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Commedia - - Drammatico

Subber: Ishta
Anno: 2016
Regia: Chang
Nazione: Corea del Sud
Genere: - Drammatico -
Distant Cry From Spring, AHaruka naru yama no yobigoe

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 1980
Regia: Yamada Yoji
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Destiny: The Tale of KamakuraDestiny: Kamakura monogatari

Subber: neodago
Anno: 2017
Regia: Yamazaki Takashi
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Drammatico - Fantasy - Commedia
Royal Tramp 2Lu ding ji II

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 1992
Regia: Wong Jing
Nazione: Hong Kong
Genere: Azione - Commedia - Arti Marziali
Royal TrampLu ding ji

Subber: ggrfortitudo
Anno: 1992
Regia: Wong Jing
Nazione: Hong Kong
Genere: Azione - Commedia - Arti Marziali
Kids on the SlopeSakamichi no Apollon

Subber: sadie985
Anno: 2018
Regia: Miki Takahiro
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Modest HeroesChiisana Eiyuu: Kani to Tamago to Toumei Ningen

Subber: JulesJT
Anno: 2018
Regia: Yonebayashi Hiromasa, Momose Yoshiyuki, Yamashita Akihiko
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Animazione -
Dont Go Breaking My Heart 2Dan sun nam nui 2

Subber: virtiz
Anno: 2014
Regia: Johnnie To
Nazione: Hong Kong
Genere: Commedia - Romantico -
Have a Song on Your LipsKuchibiru ni uta o

Subber: neodago
Anno: 2015
Regia: Miki Takahiro
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -
Cutie Honey: TearsCutie Honey - Tears

Subber: neodago
Anno: 2016
Regia: Asai Takeshi
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: Azione - Sci-Fi - Drammatico
1987  When the Day Comes1987

Subber: SulFiloDeiRicordi
Anno: 2017
Regia: Jang Joon-hwan
Nazione: Corea del Sud
Genere: - Drammatico -
Her Love Boils BathwaterYu wo wakasuhodo no atsui ai

Subber: neodago
Anno: 2016
Regia: Nakano Ryota
Nazione: Giappone
Genere: - Drammatico -

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Lavori in corso

Capturing Dad 80%
Black Board 50%
Epitome 50%
On the Beach At Night Alone 50%
The Day After 50%
Heart 50%
Ditch 50%
God of Gamblers III 10%
Survival Family 10%
God of Gamblers II 10%
Evil Spirits of Japan 10%
Chasuke's Journey 5%
Okayos Preparedness 5%
Three Women of the North 5%
Maniac Hero 5%
Heroic Purgatory 5%
Woman in Witness Protection 1%
Strangling 1%
Taipei Exchange 1%
Too Young To Die! 0%
Birthday 0%
Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno 0%
50 First Kisses 0%
The Long Excuse 0%
Beasts that Cling to the Straw 0%

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Zero Focus


Yin-Yang Master , The


Fist of Legend


Tamami: The Baby's Curse


I voti di Envy

Nobody Knows8.0
Hero (Hong Kong/China, 2002)9.0
House Of Flying Daggers, The6.0
Old Boy10.0
JSA - Joint Security Area10.0
Three... Extremes8.0
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance7.0
Tale of Two Sisters, A9.0
Bittersweet Life, A6.0
Peppermint Candy9.0
Last Life In The Universe8.5
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring8.0
Address Unknown9.0
Bad Guy5.5
Samaritan Girl8.0
Hong Kong Express8.5
Ichi the Killer (Uncut)7.5
Bird People In China, The9.5
Vive l'Amour6.0
Hole, The (Taiwan, 1998)6.0
Battle Royale8.5
Breaking News5.0
Twilight Samurai7.5
Memories of Murder5.0
Loved Gun9.5
My Sassy Girl10.0
Taste of Tea, The5.5
Be with You (Japan, 2004)5.0
Mare, Il6.5
Lover's Concerto6.5
Blade, The8.0
Love Letter7.0
Tetsuo, the Iron Man5.0
All About Lily Chou-Chou8.5
Swallowtail & Butterfly8.0
Snake of June, A6.5
Love & Pop6.0
Infernal Affairs9.5
Infernal Affairs II8.0
Mission, The7.5
Ashes of Time6.0
Made in Hong Kong8.0
Always - Sunset on Third Street9.5
Wanee & Junah7.0
Scene at the Sea, A5.0
Spring Subway9.0
Host, The4.5
I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK7.5
Isle, The6.5
Memories of Matsuko10.0
Dumplings - Three Extremes8.5
Kamikaze Girls8.0
Raise the Red Lantern7.0
Secret Sunshine4.0
Invisible Waves5.0
Dangerous Encounters: 1st Kind7.0
Executive Koala5.0
Survive Style 5+8.0
Sun Also Rises, The6.0
Petal, A6.0
I Just Didn't Do It6.0
Courthouse on the Horseback6.0
Blue Spring7.5
Hollywood Hong Kong8.0
Chaser, The5.5
Christmas in August6.5
Crows: Episode 06.0
Cyborg Girl5.0
Mourning Forest, The5.5
Hula Girls6.5
Lost. Indulgence5.0
Wool 100%7.0
Cat Soup4.5
Even If You Walk and Walk8.0
Devils On The Doorstep7.0
Be with Me7.5
Graveyard of Honor (2002)9.0
Tokyo Sora7.0
Linda Linda Linda5.0
Man Who Was Superman, A6.0
Citizen Dog9.0
Kamome Diner7.5
Castaway on the Moon7.5
Fine Totally Fine7.0
Mother (South Korea, 2009)8.5
Labyrinth of Dreams7.0
Blue Light, The8.0
Achilles and the Tortoise8.0
Tokyo Sonata7.0
Time to Live and the Time to Die, The6.0
I Saw the Devil5.0
Good, the Bad, the Weird, The5.0
Air Doll6.0
Paco And The Magical Picture Book 10.0
Letter from the Mountain9.0
Black Rain6.5
Long Arm of the Law5.0
Under The Flag of The Rising Sun6.0
Blind Mountain6.0
Countdown (Thailandia, 2012)8.0

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